This buzzword is on everyone's lips today. But few people will clearly explain what it is - crossfit. Therefore, today we decided to thoroughly study one of the most popular sports destinations. What are its main advantages and disadvantages? Who can do CrossFit, and who will it harm? Where should you start and how to correctly compose a set of exercises? Read about all this in our article.

First, let's figure out the definition. Cross - "to cross" or "force", fit - "shape" or, in fact, "fitness". This is what crossfit weightlifting standards means in translation from English. Simply put, "forced fitness", which is an intense circuit training with blocks of repetitive exercises that are performed for a given period of time. One circle lasts 15 to 60 minutes.

CrossFit has three components. The first is aerobic exercise, essentially a cardio exercise. These include running, jumping rope, exercising on simulators that imitate cycling or rowing. The second component is exercise with your own body weight. In particular, push-ups, planks, lifting the body or legs while hanging, pulling up on the bar or rings, climbing a rope, etc. The third component in the language of professionals is called "weightlifting". These are exercises performed with light weights, say with kettlebells or a barbell.

“In short, CrossFit is a highly effective, fast paced workout program that consistently engages all muscle groups to maximize their performance. What is especially valuable is that you not only improve your entire body from head to toe, but also develop willpower, overcome yourself every time. "

Universal training and Crossfit weightlifting standards

The first standard covers the physical competence of the athlete in 10 generally accepted physical skills. These are endurance, cardiovascular performance, power, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. It illustrates your level of preparedness, which is determined by how competent you are in each of the skills listed. Everyone! Without exception! By maximizing each of the skills, you will be able to achieve your CrossFit goals, continually improve, and measure your progress, while balancing these skills.

The second standard implies the effective execution of any possible task, exercise and / or combination thereof. Glassman explains it as follows. Take a lottery drum with numbers on which are written different variations of the complexes. Your fitness level is determined by whether you are able to perform these tasks more effectively than other athletes. There can be a million such physical complexes with huge variability in the number of repetitions, the number of exercises, the order in which they are performed, and so on. What what, but this guy's fantasy works!

The third standard is based on energy systems that govern all human activities. It is based on three metabolic processes that provide energy for human activity: phosphagenic, glycolytic and oxidative.

weightlifting standards

Now let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of CrossFit. Since this is a complex workout, the whole body is benefited. Endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination increase, and a beautiful muscle relief is gradually formed. You begin to better feel and possess the body, understand its needs. In addition, the metabolism is improving, and it is easier for you to achieve the desired figure on the scales. What CrossFit is good for is the variety of exercises. Therefore, you will never get bored in the gym. The body simply will not have time to adapt to a particular load, and you will constantly observe positive dynamics.

CrossFit also has significant drawbacks. Because some exercise is intense, there is a high risk of injury. Moreover, the training involves heavy weight shells. In addition, not everyone is able to withstand such an intense load and pace. The hardest part is for the heart, because it is forced to work "at high speeds". If you do not follow the exercise technique and do not develop a clear mode of physical activity and rest, this is fraught with serious health problems. And one moment. If your goal is to work on a particular muscle group, CrossFit is definitely not for you.

Instructor to help

The first and most important point of a crossfit training program for beginners is to contact a professional trainer. Self-activity, at best, is fraught with zero results, at worst - dangerous consequences for the body. The initial complex should include simple exercises with minimal stress and fully respond to physical fitness. Over time, you will be able to increase the difficulty of the exercises, increase the time, the number of repetitions and approaches, and increase the pace and intensity. But it is, of course, important to do this smoothly and gradually.

With a sports form, everything is much easier. All you need is the most comfortable, tight-fitting clothing that does not hinder movement and allows air to pass through well. Plus lightweight, durable and comfortable footwear, especially for running. It will not be superfluous to purchase the simplest fitness brace in order to track your heart rate. With this data, you can choose the optimal load level.

What is CrossFit for

The first try of the horizontal bar

Looking to assess your physical fitness for CrossFit? We offer a simplified set of exercises. It can be performed at home without sports equipment and exercise equipment, you just need to find a crossbar.

Perform 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats in succession at small intervals. Execution time - 20 minutes. If during this period you were able to complete 15 to 20 laps, then you are in good physical shape. For comparison, trained crossfitters complete 30 sets in the allotted time, the most advanced up to 35.

Here's another home crossfit weightlifting standards workout that will show you what you can do. This time, seconds count. That is, 20 seconds are allotted for each exercise. Then you take a break for 10 seconds and move on to the next exercise. There are four of them: push-ups, pull-ups, body lifting, squats. The challenge is to do 8 sets. At the end, count the total number of all the exercises performed. If you manage to reach 300, you are in great physical shape.

Debut in the gym

To get your final idea, take a look at what one of the most common crossfit workouts in the gym looks like with the easiest difficulty level. As a warm-up, a 5-minute “swim” is performed on a rowing machine. This is followed by a comprehensive warm-up, where special attention is paid to the joints, from the neck to the feet. Then 5 pull-ups are performed on the bar, 10 push-ups from the bench or floor, 15 squats. The goal is to repeat as many laps as possible in 20 minutes. After that, you need to run 1.5 km as quickly as possible. The training ends, as expected, with a complex deep stretching.

These are the main features of CrossFit. As you can see, this is a rather difficult type of physical activity that requires maximum exertion of physical strength and dedication. But this does not mean that it suits only the elite. The main thing is to competently approach the organization of training, to choose an individual set of exercises precisely and to do it with pleasure.

Interesting fact

CrossFit is, among other things, a registered trademark. And belongs to the founder of this sports direction, Greg Glassman. CrossFit was originally designed specifically for combat military units. Then it was successfully used by firefighters, law enforcement agencies, professional athletes and in self-defense courses. Today there are special gentle crossfit areas designed for children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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