Use this article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the feedback of trainers and customers about the simulator «Leg Magic», which is one of the most demanded in the sales market because the manufacturer classifies it precisely as «female».


«Leg Magic» differs mainly in that you don’t have to spend hours on classes – enough regular workouts for a few minutes a day.

The simulator is a small structure, which even fragile women can assemble. The unit weighs about 9 kilograms and does not take up much space – it is very compact.

«Leg Magic» adjusts in height and width to the individual characteristics of the hostess – In addition to the simulator itself, the kit also includes a disk with a training program and a set of exercises, and a special key with which you can change the size of the device.

Its dimensions in assembled form (in a box) a little more than half a meter in the largest of the dimensions, in disassembled – just over a meter in length.

«Leg Magic» – high-strength steel simulator  and plastic, you can not be afraid of accidentally breaking it. The maximum weight that this compact home exercise machine can withstand – 113 kg.
leg magic

Opinion trainers

Experts advise to increase the training time, starting from the third week – gradually for a few more minutes, after a couple of months to increase the number of approaches and so on.

Of course, with such a demand for trainers, professional trainers are also interested in them..

But, as expected, everywhere there are pitfalls: «Leg Magic» cannot be considered a panacea – it is good, along with training in the gym, if you still count on a lasting effect.

Provided that your body suits you and you need a small correction or a single drop of several kilograms – the simulator will become your friend and assistant in achieving your goal.

However, do not assume that when using «Leg Magic» the process of losing weight will continue constantly as it is used: as with any monotonous training, at some point those muscles and body parts that are affected by the unit will come to a state where only a shift training program can change them further.

Coaches are quite appreciative «Leg Magic», however, to regularly practice independently at home, even for a few minutes – need good willpower  and determination, so going to a fitness club where the coach motivates you to do, «Leg Magic», certainly not able to replace.

So, according to professional athletes – the simulator is good in addition to basic training for beginners, if it’s still difficult for you to force yourself to work out for more than a few minutes with appropriate loads.

Customer reviews

Regarding customer reviews – they are divided into two camps. By the way, there are much more positive reviews, but here everything is subjective.

Negative feedback can be heard from:

  • professional athletes who find the simulator too weak, in principle, for obvious reasons;
  • using the simulator insufficiently regularly or actively, due to the fact that the first result was long in coming, it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is individual, and even if the girlfriend’s result appears after a week, – this is not a guarantee that your will appear as soon as possible;
  • those whom he really did not help for various reasons – from the features of the figure to the unwillingness to refuse unnecessarily harmful food, which neutralizes the effect of the simulator.

Positive reviews generally leave:

  • dropped a few extra hated kilos;
  • those who felt the work of muscles and their own body for the first time so clearly after using the simulator;
  • husbands of buyers, with gratitude for the even more attractive form of spouse.


What muscle groups is designed

«Leg Magic» It trains mainly the muscles of the legs, thighs, inner thigh muscles and abs. Exercising on the simulator does not require a lot of time, but it immediately allows you to feel how the muscles work without crazy efforts and loads. The fact that your body weight helps you.

The main exercise, designed to train the external and internal muscles of the thigh, begins with the effort of the body and ends with inertia movement under its own weight.

As soon as you move your legs – you can feel how the internal muscles of the hips work, do the opposite movement – and you feel the external muscles of the hips and buttocks warm up. «Leg Magic» makes about two hundred muscles work while performing the simplest of exercises. This is due to the fact that you are lifting the weight of your own body, forcing it to strain the whole lower part.

For what purpose is it suitable

«Leg Magic» Suitable for those who do not have extra free time for classes in the gym, but have a desire to change themselves, starting with a few minutes a day. The hardest part in sports – take the first step.

However, even after it is done, it may simply not reach the second one if the visible result does not appear after a short time. With this simulator, after the first workout, you will feel how your muscles work. It is suitable for those who are accustomed to rely on a quick and noticeable result that encourages continuation.


Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages «Leg Magic»:

  • simplicity;
  • You don’t need to especially prepare your body before you start practicing, even if before that you did not bother yourself with physical training;
  • Moreover, the simulator is suitable for both those who want to lose weight, and those who just want to pull up a little figure, without having problems with weight;
  • compactness and ease of assembly will also be pluses;
  • universality – can be practiced by both a child and an adult man or women;
  • the extensive set of exercises that you get in the kit.

Of course, you can not do without cons:

  • The simulator will have the best effect only in combination with proper nutrition;
  • the simulator has a maximum weight limit;
  • «Leg Magic» trains only the lower body – arms, shoulders, chest will require another simulator.

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