One of my favorite leg exercises  in terms of girls and women – This is the reduction of the legs in a special simulator. It designed to develop the adductors of the legs located on the inside of the thighs. Information helps give them resilience, rigidity and aesthetic appeal.

Reduction of the legs in the simulator

Operating principle

When performing the exercise, abductors (adductors) work in tandem with stabilizer muscles: rectifiers of the spine, square back muscles and abdominal muscles. The abductors that are being worked on are divided into comb, short, long and large adductors.

The simulator for reducing the legs is a kind of construction with a moderately soft seat, a system of levers, a special compartment for adjusting the weight that you will have to work with, and two moving stops with soft rollers, which should be supported by the knees.

Often, on such simulators, you can perform, in addition to leg information, breeding, but this depends on the design. Similar machines are equipped more or less «advanced» fitness centers, the so-called semi-professional and professional class.

A large number of different installations, trainers, racks and other sports equipment attracts a fairly large number of people who want to work on themselves.

Execution technique

  • Set the necessary weight for weights on the simulator and adjust the position of the back.
  • Take a starting position, in which the legs are spread apart and rest on the rollers or pillows of the simulator, straighten your back and rest it against the back of the seat. Legs should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees or more..
  • Take a deep breath. Exhaling, tighten your hips and begin to bring your legs to each other. Do not change the angle of bending of the legs. At the finish point (legs are fully flattened), stay in this position for 1-2 seconds and maximize the adductors of the thigh.
  • Starting your breath, spread your legs slowly., not jerky, while observing the technique. Do not bring the legs to the point of the initial position in order to leave the muscles in tension. Repeat the movement several times in accordance with the training program..

Tips for maximum benefits

  • the angle of bending of the legs during the implementation of the approach is ALWAYS the same – 90 degrees or more;
  • movements – smooth, at a moderate pace, not worth it «throw» weight in the second half of the movement or perform «with a chop» at the maximum point of tension, this will protect your muscles, ligaments and joints from injuries, bruises and sprains;
  • Do not bring your legs to the starting position, this will allow you to keep the adductor muscles in constant tension, which will give maximum productivity;
  • in the final point (the legs are brought as close as possible) hold for a few seconds, while straining the abductors, this will increase the flow of blood to the muscles and increase the strength of the static weight retention of the hip joint;
  • do not crawl back and hips on the seat, keep your posture;
  • in the rest period between sets should stretch the muscles of the legs without giving them «cool off», a stretch guaranteed will reduce the likelihood of injury by 90-95 percent.
  • the maximum effect can be achieved by including the reduction of the legs in the supersets, it will play a role «finishing off», e.g. side lunges with weight – leg information;
  • if you can’t complete the last scheduled repetitions – quickly reduce weight and finish the approach by doing a little more repetitions with less weight;
  • it’s worth 10-15 repetitions in 3-5 approaches, since the exercise – insulating.
legs in the simulator

Fat burning effect

According to statistics, without exception all individuals of the fair sex to the question «How will bringing your feet on the drive machine help you?» answer that their purpose – burn fat, these unpleasant and unaesthetic internal «ears» on the hips. But they all suffered cruel disappointment after a small educational program, as the simulator and exercise are intended only to strengthen the internal adductors of the legs.

Fat burning requires a completely different approach. And even if you manage to burn a certain amount of calories while you are working on the drive machine, locally burn fat (in a separate area of ​​the body) does not work.

So, the conclusion: when working on the driving machine, the hips will not become smaller, but they will gain some strength and muscle elasticity.


Basically, this exercise is used either by beginners who do not understand anything in human anatomy, biology and biomechanics, or bodybuilders of the class «elite».

Beginners drive into their heads that once an exercise and a simulator exist for it – it means you can work on it thoughtlessly, not realizing what effect the leg information in the simulator actually gives.

Bodybuilders, on the contrary, understand all the subtleties and nuances of working on any muscle, they need this exercise for an aesthetic appearance of the legs.

Do not achieve results when performing this exercise also because they do not understand simple truths:

  • sedentary exercise, therefore, the thigh muscles will not begin to work in this position;
  • the adductors work in a complex manner, in tandem with other parts of the body, for example, in squats with a barbell, lunges with weight or climbing stairs or on a ledge.

Forget about this exercise, unless you are a professional bodybuilder with experience in training and taking pharmacology for at least 8-10 years. Conventional basic exercises will do much more than useless time spent on a lead simulator for bringing legs down in the hope of a miracle.

Although you can use this exercise if your inner thigh muscles are too weakly stretched. Or as a workout. In this case, some manipulations with the simulator are necessary in order to gradually increase the load on the muscles and ligaments, not stopping to jump off the simulator and rearrange the rollers or weight.

Exercise can help people when trying to master transverse or longitudinal twine. It is only necessary to adjust the position of the rollers and the training weight: the closer the rollers are to the inguinal region – the greater the load on the muscles.

If you delve into the biomechanics of movement, then leg information in the simulator is needed mainly for athletes and dancers: runners, long and high jumpers, ballerinas, yogis and other athletes or dancers who need to have perfectly stretched muscles.

Such supersets are best suited to improve stretching (2 exercises that are performed one after another, without a break):

  • lunges with a burden forward + leg information (5-10 approaches 15-25 times);
  • lunges with weights to the sides + leg information (5-10 approaches 15-25 times);
  • leg information (5-10 sets of 15-25 times) + sit in the lotus position for 1-3 minutes;
  • information legs + twine (5-10 sets of 15-25 times).


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