Recently, the popularity of leg weights is growing. These sports devices are considered universal, as they help to lose weight, build muscle, tone the body and so on. Weighting materials are used by both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts who monitor their figure. They are used in the gym, while running.  or charging at home .

We will talk about what weighting materials for legs are, how to deal with them correctly, what weight to choose and much more.

Leg weights exercise

What are leg weights

Ankle weights – these are special cuffs filled with sand, salt and metal plates. Cuffs are made of soft fabric, knitwear or rubberized material. Weighting  located around the ankle and fixed with special Velcro fasteners.

Thanks to the Velcro, the ankle girth does not matter when choosing this sports equipment. Since the girth of the projectile can change in the right direction.

The versatility of weighting agents for the legs lies in the fact that they can also be used for hands.

Weighting agents, thanks to a width of 10-15 cm and soft tissue, tightly wrap around the ankle, and therefore do not cause discomfort during exercise.

How do they influence the effectiveness of classes

In practice, many athletes became convinced of the effectiveness of weighting .

The use of these sports equipment refers to pacemaking rather than strength training. This means that weighting agents help strengthen the cardiovascular system, lose weight and pump up muscles, tone them up. But for heavy loads they are not used.

Weighting agents are capable of:

  • Simplify Weight Loss. Many girls use weighting to get rid of extra pounds. They greatly simplify the difficult struggle at the moment when the weight froze at a certain point. Increasing exercise requires more calorie burning. In addition, using weighting materials, he does not necessarily spend a long time in fitness. You can run or walk with them, do housework, and so on..
  • Increase stamina. The use of weighting agents allows a person to develop endurance. This means that he will be able to withstand large loads over a longer period of time. Stamina helps fight fatigue and also increases the chances of losing weight or reaching another goal..
  • Boost and tone muscles. The most effective use of weighting agents is reflected in the muscles of the legs, including the hips, as well as the buttocks and back. This is another reason why girls use weights, they help them get a beautiful figure.
  • Improve blood circulation and tone the body. Proper increase in loads stimulates the improvement of blood circulation. Due to this, there is a strengthening of the whole body, and not just the muscles of the legs.
  • Help achieve maximum results. If after training you stop feeling pleasant fatigue and muscle tension, then the effectiveness of the classes is very low. To increase it, weights for the legs are used. Increasing the load and weights makes the muscles work harder and tighter. In the end, this leads to better results..


The choice of weighting agents is very large today. In addition to manufacturers, their main difference is weight. These sports equipment can have a weight of 0.5 kg or more..

Weighting agents over 5 kg are used exclusively by professional athletes. Everyone else, including amateurs and beginners, is recommended to use shells weighing from 0.5 to 5 kg, gradually increasing it.


Depending on the filler, the weighting agents may be:

  • bulk;
  • lamellar.

They may have different weights, but the main disadvantage of bulk weighting agents is that their weight remains unchanged. This complicates the process of increasing the gradual load..

In plate weights, metal plates can be easily removed or inserted into special external pockets. Due to this, the weight of the shells can be easily and quickly adjusted. This is an undeniable advantage..

What weight to choose

A person who has never encountered weighting agents is interested in the question of how much weight they should have. Weights should be increased gradually, so you need to start with the lightest weights.

If you have not previously trained with these shells, then you should first buy weighting materials of 0.5 kg. The total additional load on the body will be 1 kg, since the devices are sold in pairs and put on both legs. Then gradually the load can be increased, that is, use heavier shells.

The increment should not exceed 0.5 kg. A sharp increase in stress can lead to injuries and pain..

Weight increases only after the previous load is no longer felt. Note that if you have pain or discomfort while doing classes, you need to reduce weight, or even abandon weighting materials in order to avoid serious injuries.

If you work out in the gym under the supervision of a trainer, he will tell you how and when to properly increase weight.


Today, many manufacturers of sports goods produce weighting materials for the legs, so there will be no problems with their purchase.

Where can i buy

Weighting agents are considered sports equipment, so you need to buy them in sporting goods stores.

You can buy weighting materials:

  • at a regular sports store or supermarket;
  • in the online store.

In an ordinary store you have the opportunity to feel the shells, but on the Internet you can save a lot. Weights for the legs are represented by a wide range, ranging from such well-known manufacturers as Adidas, and ending with few well-known companies..

How to choose

When choosing weighting agents, it is necessary to focus on several criteria:

  • Weight. The main criterion for choosing weighting agents is weight. For beginners, it is better to opt for plate-shaped shells in which you can adjust the weight.
  • Cuff material. Cuffs are made of various materials, including fabric, nylon, rubberized fabric, knitwear and so on. The stronger the material, the longer the weighting materials will last. The fabric may tear, causing a spill of filler.
  • Locking reliability. Velcro should hold well, as it depends on usability. In addition, better Velcro will last longer.
  • Convenience. If you buy shells in an ordinary store, try putting them on your feet, check how comfortable they are for you.
The comfort of using weights depends not only on shells, but also on athletic shoes. It should have a strong, but springy sole.

Due consideration should also be given to quality. Depends on this parameter how long the weighting materials can serve you, and whether they will easily withstand the performance of various physical exercises. Well-known companies often guarantee quality. But the low cost of shells does not always indicate their poor quality. To understand the true picture, just search the Internet for customer reviews. It’s easy to do it.

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