If you want to develop muscle, and there is no opportunity to visit the gym or purchase expensive equipment, you can make a simulator with your own hands. The process requires a minimum amount of time and money, and the result will not be inferior to the purchased sports equipment in training effectiveness. We will talk about how to make your own gym with a set of home-made simulators..

After all, the weight of the Olympic neck  and bumper pancakes can be the same as a regular homemade bar with concrete pancakes. But a person is led to miraculous simulators, bright colors and good advertising.
It is worth noting that nothing will work for free. You will have to spend an adequate amount of money for the manufacture of shells and simulators.

So why do it yourself if you still have to spend money? The answer is simple, you will save on the production of simulators in 10 times the amount that you would spend on expensive equipment.

The most essential equipment for a home gym

It is worth giving your preference to free weights. If your goals are to build a harmoniously developed strong body, then, undoubtedly, your choice should fall on the queen of power sports.


  • Barbell. The bar can be made of a variety of materials, we will come to this issue later. For serious classes, you need pancakes for the bar, it is advisable to have in a set in pairs, at least 150 kilograms. Also for the bar kit, a W-bar required. This type of neck is necessary for pumping hands and relieving joints.
  • Dumbbells, it is desirable that they be collapsible, as they take up less space.
  • Bench for bench, preferably with an adjustable back. Such a bench is necessary to perform bench presses at different angles, wiring, pullovers and other exercises.
  • Horizontal bar and bars, one of the most easily accessible simulators. They are characterized by ease of manufacture and accessibility of materials. The range of exercises is wide, so this simulator perfectly complements the gym.
  • Power frame, ensure your safety while doing squats, rods and bench presses. The universal simulator, which is distinguished by its simplicity of design and is distinguished by increased safety.
  • Roller Trainer, to perform various traction. With the help of such a simulator, you can well develop the latissimus and triceps.
  • For cardio training  required punching bag and jump rope .

Here is a list of the essentials for bodybuilding and overall fitness..

What sports equipment can you do yourself

What sports equipment can you do yourself

If you wish, you can make a fitness room of the latest generation, but we will manufacture only the most necessary equipment.

The bar is a fairly simple to manufacture simulator. For it, you can use pipes and metal, and for pancakes, stumps, concrete pancakes of your own manufacture, metal bars, car handwheels and everything that can sit on our neck.

For dumbbells, you can make blanks from rebar and metal pipes, pancakes from plastic bottles and concrete blanks. The main condition is to make the collapsible dumbbell.

The bench is easy to manufacture. You can make one universal, with an adjustable angle, and the other at an angle of 45, 70, 90 degrees.

Horizontal bar  and bars  can be made on the street, or wall for a room.

A jump rope is an affordable and inexpensive product, but you have to work with a pear. The simulator will cost a certain amount, but will last a long time.

What is needed for manufacturing

First, we’ll break it down into items and inventory.


To make the neck we need a metal pipe with a diameter of 30 mm, a thickness of 6 mm. The length of the neck should be from 1.6 m to 2 m.

Delimiters, which will separate the work surface for grip and place for pancakes. For the dividers, we need 2 strong bolts or cut out 2 pieces of a metal plate with a diameter of 50 mm. We drill the center of the plates to 30mm, and we have finished dividers, it remains only to weld on the pipe.

Neck Locks. They are useful for strong fixation of pancakes on the bar. You can purchase 2 spring locks or take 2 pieces of pipe with a diameter of 31 mm and drill a hole in them and fasten with a bolt.

Pancakes. To make pancakes, we need to make a mold from boards and metal. For filling we will use high grade concrete, and reinforce with wire.

To make the design of pancakes more durable and more beautiful, you will need to cover the pancakes with enamel for concrete, this will provide protection from moisture, and concrete dust will not pour from them.


For the manufacture of dumbbells, we need: 2 pieces of pipe, molds for pancakes, locks kettlebell training. The manufacturing technology is the same as that of the bar. It is advisable to make everything at once.

For a bench we need: a square metal, dimensions 50x50x4. The length is only about 8.3 meters. Board size 1.3 to 0.3m. It will be needed for the basics.

Metal plate, for making petals. They are mounted on bench racks and serve as bar holders..
For the manufacture of a functional station, in which there will be a horizontal bar, and bars, we need metal for the base, pipes for the crossbars. Concrete for pouring the structure. Provided that the station will be installed on the street. It is also worth adding a horizontal bar for attaching gymnastic rings and a punching bag..

Power frame, the design is complex, requires the use of accurate drawings and a large number of materials. So she should study separately.

Punching bag

To make a punching bag, you will need either ordinary bags for storing cereals, or a canvas or tarpaulin. Dimensions for manufacturing – height of at least 1 meter, weight must be considered from 40 to 60 kg. 2 metal rings that will shape the boxing bag, 4 carbines, a meter meter and the packing itself. As a stuffing, you can use rags, old things and sawdust.

Also, in addition to everything, you should have a welding machine and all its accessories, cement, sand, gravel and a thinking head who will be responsible for the manufacturing process

Description of the manufacturing process, step by step instructions


  • For the manufacture of the bar, initially we make blanks for pancakes, cut and knock out a circle shape from the boards. We measure the middle and put a piece of pipe with a diameter of 32 mm. We get a centered base. We embed the edges with tin and connect it with the help of self-tapping screws. The form is ready. We make forms according to the same principle for dumbbells. You can adjust the size of the form yourself, keep in mind that the larger the pancake, the heavier it will be.
  • Now we need to make a frame that will firmly hold our concrete. Such a frame is knitted from wire and laid on the bottom of the mold.
  • To prepare durable high-grade concrete, we must mix for 1 bag of high-grade cement, 2 bags of crushed stone and a half bag of sand. All this is diluted with water until a uniform mass is obtained and fits into molds. We smooth out all irregularities with a spatula and lay another layer of wire. Be sure to crush and ram the concrete base in order to avoid the formation of cavities in the pancakes. Leave the form until the solution has completely dried. On average, it will take 3 days..
  • After the concrete mortar has dried, we carefully remove the pancakes from the molds; this must be done very carefully, if they do not come out, carefully beat the edges of the forms with a hammer and pancakes can be taken out. Finish pancakes with paint for concrete and leave to dry..
  • Let's start making vultures. We will make 2 of them, one classic bench press, the second will be W-shaped. For a classic neck, we take our workpiece, grind it so that it is smooth and comfortable. After grinding, we weld the holders at a distance of 40 cm from the edges using a welding machine. As locks we will use bolts. Then we drill 4 holes for these locks on these 40 cm.
  • For the manufacture of a W-shaped neck, we take a pipe billet, clamp in a vice and evenly bend the middle to form W. For a place under the pancakes, we retreat 20 cm each and weld the holders.


The design of the bar for a dumbbell is made on the same principle as the classic bar.

Bench for bench

Here is a bench for bench press will be more complex design.

We take our raw materials in the form of a square metal pipe and make blanks from it. We should consider the design and dimensions. Our segment is completely enough for manufacturing, and the drawing itself can be found on the expanses of the network.


Punching bag

For the punching bag, we need to choose the material. Canvas remains the best choice. If there is no possibility and skills to sew the bag yourself, then it is better to give it in the studio. It should be warned that the upper ring is not completely sewn in, but 4 spaces 1 cm long are set. Carabiners will be worn on these spaces..

After the bag is ready, you need to do packing it. Density is determined individually for each person, but if you are a beginner in sports, you should not pack the bag tightly to avoid injuries and allow the hands to get used to.



At the end of all work, we get a set for developing strength, namely a barbell, a W-shaped bar, a pair of dumbbell, bench and pear.

By the term of use, pancakes are enough for at least 2 years, a pear with proper care and prevent exposure to a humid environment will last about 5 years. Vultures and benches are eternal.

Comparison of the cost of material spent and the purchase cost of a new simulator

As a result, we spent about 10 thousand rubles on all the material, provided that we will use only high-quality materials.

And now we give the average prices for a new inventory:

  • Olympic bar with a set of pancakes for 120 kg. In rubber protection will cost you about 50 thousand rubles.
  • Price for a pair of dumbbells of 20 kg 15, thousand rubles.
  • The average price of a bench for a bench from 5 thousand.
  • A punching bag from 3.5 thousand. As a result, we save more than 70 thousand rubles .

Manufacturing difficulty

The complexity of manufacturing such simulators depends on your abilities and imagination. With a significant lack of skills, you can use the services of professionals. According to calculations, this can cost about another 10 thousand rubles, when compared with the amount for branded equipment, you can still save in the end. But if you still decide to do it yourself, you will get a set of useful skills that will be useful in the future for expanding the gym.

Safety of use

It is worth noting that you can be injured even by the most modern simulators. It is worth remembering the golden rule of bodybuilding» Everything must be moderated» which means carefully work on the technique, and the weight of the weights will gradually increase itself. Therefore, the probability of getting hurt depends primarily on you.

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