The article tells about what kind of vultures are in shape and purpose, how much the bar of the bar weighs, how to choose it correctly, and also how much it will cost, depending on the manufacturer.

Boom design

Shell consists of such details as:

  • neck;
  • rotating sleeves;
  • removable drives;
  • castles.

The barbell is the most popular sport and allows you to use during training all the main muscles of a person. It allows you to build muscle mass simultaneously with the development of their strength and endurance. The bar is the basis of the bar and its choice should be given maximum attention. It is selected depending on the group of trained muscles.

Types, weights and other parameters

The parameters of the rod, depending on its name, are given below, namely:

  1. Olympic barbell involves the use of a straight neck 2.2 m long. Its diameter is 28 mm, the weight is 20 kg, and the diameter of the landing bushings at the ends is 50 mm. This bar allows you to perform exercises with significant weight, including wide grip.
  1. Powerlifting bar neck feature consists in a diameter increased to 29 mm, which increases its rigidity. At the same time, it becomes possible to lift more than using the Olympic barbell.
  1. Standard bar has a neck with a diameter of 25 mm. Its weight is 20 kg, and the diameter is the same along its entire length.
  1. Women's Olympic barbell similar to the male one, but its length is 2.05 m, and weight is 15 kg with a neck diameter of 25 mm. There are no notches on it..
  1. Training bar It is made according to the European or American standard. The difference is in the diameter of the neck: for European – 30.48 mm American – 25.4 mm. These diameters are stored over the entire length of the neck. In this case, the length of the neck in both cases can be 120 and 180 cm.
  1. Traction bar reminds Olympic, and due to more flexible signature stamp allows to increase the lifted weight. This barbell is not used by the International Federation of Powerlifting (IPF).
  1. Squat bar also banned in IPF. A straight neck is used with a diameter of 32 mm, its weight with locks is about 30 kg, the total length should not be more than 2.4 m.
  1. EZ barbell used to train arm muscles (biceps and triceps).
  1. W-barbell used for the same workouts as the previous one, but the conditions for hand grip are improved.
  1. T-bar Vulture is used to train back muscles. The load is installed on the lower end of the rod, and the second end is fixed. The lower end of the rod is raised on the platform or on the simulator.
  1. Trap barbell used for training for deadlift. She is a preparatory projectile before classes with a bar with a direct bar. Classes with this fingerboard allow you to reduce the power load on the lower back, since the hands are in a natural position. Handles for grip on the bar are located on the axis of the placed loads. When a person is inside the neck, he takes the bar by the side handles and raises the bar along the optimal path. In this case, the movement of the load occurs in a straight line, which reduces the load on the joints and spine.

Trap Vulture

Types of Vultures

The following types exist:

  • direct;
  • EZ fingerboard
  • W-neck;
  • T-bar;
  • trap neck.

The most common are vultures. They are used on most existing rods..

Ez neck

These include rods such as:

  • Olympic
  • for powerlifting;
  • standard
  • Women's Olympic;
  • training;
  • for traction;
  • for squats.

Straight neck

The main exercises that are performed using the bar are listed below:

  • jerk;
  • push;
  • various presses;
  • deadlift;
  • shrugs;
  • squats;
  • barbell lifting and others.
On most of the straight vultures, a relief notch is applied, which allows you to work with considerable weight, because at the same time, the bar does not break out of the hands. In this case, the hands do not sweat due to the presence of air in the grooves. To avoid the appearance of corns in training, you need to use gloves.


Forms of Vultures:

  • Ez neck (curved neck) is used on bars with the same name to perform exercises to develop the muscles of the hands (biceps and triceps). Its use allows you to remove the load from the forearms and wrists during training. The wrists when using this neck are in anatomically more correct position.
  • W-vulture is a modified version of the EZ neck. It provides a grip close to neutral and is used to perform the same exercises..
  • T-bar involves securing the load at the bottom of the bar and is used to perform exercises such as traction, thereby developing the back muscles.
  • Trap Vulture has the shape of a hexagon, on the sides of which there are handles. It is used to perform exercises such as deadlift, shrugs, bench press. When performed, the load falls on the muscles of the legs, back and buttocks.


Selection tips

Depending on what financial potential a particular person has, the following options are possible:

  1. attending classes in the gym or fitness club with the implementation of the recommendations of the trainer;
  2. purchase of necessary equipment for homework.

In the first case, all questions regarding the choice of the bar disappear, all the inventory will be provided in the necessary assortment and at the right time.

In the second case, it is necessary to provide for the solution of the following issues:

  • developing or finding a list of exercises to obtain the desired result to improve your body;
  • finding a place to conduct classes at home;
  • compiling a list of necessary equipment for classes;
  • are there the necessary funds for its acquisition;
  • how will relatives and neighbors react to such activities.

We will consider these issues in more detail..

Drawing up a list of exercises to achieve the desired result to improve your body can be done in two ways:

  • independently study the recommendations of trainers or people doing this for a long time, through books or on websites on the Internet;
  • listen to the lectures of specialists or speeches by famous athletes about the types of training and their results.
According to the selected list of exercises for the development of your body, a list of the equipment necessary for classes is compiled. When choosing a list of exercises with the use of the bar you need to determine the type that is supposed to be used during training.

When doing powerlifting at home, the following equipment will be necessary (subject to financial issues):

  • training bar (its size is determined depending on the size of the existing room);
  • bench for bench press;
  • bar stand.

In this case, it is better to choose a bar with a neck 1.8 meters long with a diameter of 30 or 25 mm. A bar with this length expands the bar's capabilities when performing various exercises. With a neck diameter of 25 mm, the bar can be used not only by itself, but also by all members of the family. The set of weights on the bar can vary.

When buying a neck, you need to check its condition, see if it is convenient for you, whether there are defects on it, whether it is bent. You must also find out its weight and the maximum possible load that can be tolerated when using it (weight of the bar with disks).

To reduce noise during training, it is better to use rubberized MB Barbell wheels manufactured in Petrozavodsk. They will save the floor in its original form. For a neck 25 mm in diameter, the weight of the disc starts at 0.5 kg and ends at 25 kg. You can purchase discs gradually, increasing the weight of the bar to maximum values.

It is advisable not to buy a finished bar, but to equip it yourself. This will allow you to check every detail of the rod and evaluate the quality of the product.

The option of acquiring a trap bar at the initial stage of training is possible. This will significantly reduce the cost of acquiring inventory. This type of barbell develops the thigh muscles better when doing deadlift exercises..



  1. when performing exercises, you need to move from simple to complex;
  2. you need to increase the weight load gradually;
  3. try to take into account the tips when choosing a barbell from this article.

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