One of the features is a change in the plan and mode of training, which occurs every few months, which prevents the body from adapting to current loads and always supports the effectiveness of classes.

To create this system, a number of specialists of various profiles were involved, among whom were athletes, doctors, physical education teachers and professional psychologists.

This training program is part of a more global system called Iron System.

It includes 2 main directions:

  1. Hot iron It is a training system using mini-bars, recommended for beginners, as it includes several different courses, including the basic one. The primary goal is to increase endurance and prepare for more difficult exercises, but in parallel with this, it allows you to get rid of excess weight and generally tighten the figure. The training process itself takes place to the music and according to a predefined schedule. Traditionally, the instructor supervises the classes, and the first 3 months they are held unchanged, the lesson plan is updated every quarter.
  2. Iron cross is a more advanced system that is designed for people with good training and already perfectly coping with Hot Iron. The schedule update is identical to Hot Iron, but the weight of the rods is significantly increased. The main goal of training is to build an athletic physique, since it is assumed that endurance and other important characteristics have already been developed in previous courses. Muscle growth occurs simultaneously with a significant increase in energy expenditure..


Although Iron is also divided into different types, the main criterion for the division is the complexity of classes that are designed for people with different levels of training:

  1. Hot iron 1 is a basic program for beginners, it is designed for people with minimal training, who have not yet managed to put their physical form in order. The system includes the simplest strength exercises, with which the development of endurance begins. During classes, mini-rods and special kits designed for removable scales are actively used. Weights are usually selected individually, since it should correspond to the level of training of a particular person, but gradually its indicators increase. Upon reaching the maximum performance in this course, it is recommended to move on to the next system included in the Hot Iron.
  2. Hot iron 2 It is recommended for people who have been engaged in the basic program for 3-5 months, since it is assumed that during this time, their physical form should have undergone positive changes. The training program adds exercises that involve most of the joints, including push-ups, squats of varying difficulty and combined options for lunges. Such exercises can further accelerate the process of burning excess calories, since at this stage even the smallest muscles begin to be involved..
  3. Iron body is a classic strength training without any specific features.
  4. Hot iron advanced It is also a variant of the classic version of strength training, but it is intended for people with a certain training, so they do not need basic exercises and are ready to immediately begin classes with considerable weight.
  5. Iron back It is a specific course that was created specifically for people with scoliosis or having other problems with the spine, which imposes a number of restrictions on participation in strength training. Such exercises have a positive effect on posture, and also help strengthen muscles in the back..

Exercise complex


The following is the main set of the most common exercises, which is used during classes on the Hot Iron system:

  1. Exercise called «Lie on the steppe» consists in making movements that translate the bar from a lying position to the shoulder. To do this, you need to bend over and raise the barbell lying on the step, after which, bend three times with the barbell, while keeping your back in a straight position. Then, the bar is pulled to the chest and carried over the head.
  2. The main warm-up exercise is a classic stretching, you can also use movements borrowed from aerobics.
  3. For the development of muscle mass of the shoulders the most suitable is the performance of rotational movements back and forth in slow motion, while it is necessary to make a turn of the hips. Rotations to each of the parties are made at least 5 time.
  4. For the development of the press you need to tightly clench your hands into fists, strain, and begin to make spinning movements in different directions. Repeat exercise must be at least 10 time.
  5. Need to focus on one of the legs, holding it in a straight position, the second bend at the knee. After that, begin to bend the first leg over and over again, the exercise is alternately done on each of the limbs. Total required to complete at least 3 approaches, during each described movements are repeated for 8 time.
  6. Hood and subsequent deflections backs, both up and down, contribute to strengthening the spine and the development of muscle mass in the corresponding area. After bending in this position, you must be at least half a minute.
  7. To stand up near the sports platform, make a forward bend, after which, take a step with your hands and straighten, using the buttock muscles. Total must be completed at least 4 approaches, during each exercise is repeated for 7 time.
  8. The main exercise for developing abdominal muscles is as follows: to tilt and, holding the bar, begin to reach for the stomach. 2 required approach during which the exercise is repeated by ten time. The most effective combination with squats and lunges of both legs, which are performed 7 times.
  9. Doing squats to a large extent with pulling the buttocks allows you to effectively develop muscles of the corresponding.
  10. There is a non-standard option. doing squats, for this, a bar is taken into the hands and repeated semi-crouching movements are made with pushing the bar.

Workout plan

Workout plan Hot iron

All classes on the Hot Iron system are held in fitness clubs according to individual programs, which are instructors with the appropriate certificate.

The following is just an example lesson plan that has been compiled in the most optimal way and can reduce the risk of possible injuries:

  1. The training begins with a preliminary warm-up. The legs should be spread out shoulder width apart, after which, about 20 stretching of the arms should be done, the amplitude should gradually be changed from insignificant to medium. After that, to take a pose of a boxing rack, the forearms should be in a parallel position, without changing this position, begin to twist the body with a tense press, while it is necessary to try to draw in the stomach and make short inclinations in different directions. Gradually, you can begin to engage in the process and legs, they need to alternately move the body weight at the time of stretching the arm. To warm up muscle mass and prepare joints for classes, 20 repetitions of such movements will be enough.
  2. There is a specific kind of workout, which no less effectively allows you to prepare for the upcoming classes. For her, an empty bar is used, which can be pulled to the chest or placed on the shoulders while doing squats. To this warm-up, you can add deadlift with straight legs, combined lunges or wide squats, all exercises are repeated 20 times.
  3. Deadlift and back development, the most optimal weight on the bar is 10-18 kg. depending on the level of training. 3 required approach, during each traction is repeated 7 times in accelerated mode, then approaches are repeated, but in slow motion.
  4. Lunges. Using the strength of the legs, it is necessary to transfer the barbell over the head, after which, begin to do squats. Depending on the sensations and fatigue, 4 to 7 lunges are made on each of the legs; closer to the end of the exercise, you can begin to slow down.
  5. Performance of standard and wide squats, movements are repeated 28 times at a fast pace and the same amount in slow motion for each species.
  6. For biceps exercises a barbell with a weight of 2.5-10 kg will be required. It is necessary to take a standing position with a straight back, pick up a barbell and begin to bend your arms, total 4 approach of 7 repetitions, while alternating fast and slow movements.
  7. For triceps exercises it is necessary to take a lying position on the steppe and begin to perform the bench press with a narrow grip. Will need to complete at least 4 approaches, during each 7 repetitions.
  8. Half a minute you must be in the pose of the bar, after which, make 30 lateral twists. Then go down on your stomach, bend your arms at the elbows and part in different directions, make movements in which the shoulder blades move to the spine and consistently return them to their original position.
  9. Finish workout You can take a lying position on your back, and begin to make classic twisting. At the last stage, pull and stretch all muscle groups.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Hot Iron training system is becoming more popular every year, this is due to the whole range of significant advantages that it has:

  1. The possibility of significant weight loss, which occurs without observing additional dietary complexes.
  2. Metabolic acceleration.
  3. Muscle development and a positive change in body composition.
  4. Increased joint flexibility and strengthening the skeleton.
  5. Liquidation sagging body and cellulite.
  6. Possibility train under the guidance of highly qualified specialists who have the appropriate certificates.
  7. Training program based on individual characteristics of a person.
The only drawback of Hot Iron, which can be distinguished, is the almost complete absence of movements and exercises from classical aerobics. After long classes on this system, it is difficult to return to aerobic-strength training.

Efficiency and reviews

before and after training

Thanks to classes on the Hot Iron system, you can expect to achieve the following results:

  1. Comprehensive health improvement.
  2. Faster Calorie Burn.
  3. Endurance development.
  4. Body relief.

Such training is not intended for weight loss, but it is also one of the related effects, which is achieved after a certain time. To obtain a positive result, it is recommended to engage in three times a week, time 1 The workout is about an hour. The ideal option is to alternate between classes and days of rest.


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