For some exercises, you should purchase special sports equipment. Some of them also include the use of a person’s own weight, but at the same time there is a redirect of efforts to certain muscles of the body to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

Gymnastic roller – sports equipment, which is very popular due to its availability and special performance.

gym roller

What is it

The sports equipment in question has a rather simple design, which consists of the following elements:

  • wheels
  • a handle that acts as a central axis;
  • often bearing;

The design is an axis that runs in the center of the wheel. At the same time, the wheel is located strictly in the middle of the axis in all planes, which ensures balance during training.

As a rule, the sports equipment in question in the classic version does not have other main structural elements, it differs only in the type of material used in the manufacture and decorative qualities.



Press rollers can be used to achieve certain results, both for beginners and professional athletes..

At the same time, it should be noted that there are several types of videos:

  1. With a pair of wheels or one.
  2. With return mechanism.
  3. With pedals.
  4. With offset center of gravity.
  5. In the form of a trimmer, which has a tensioner.

Each of the videos above has its own special qualities and can be used to achieve your goals..

The first to consider an embodiment with a return mechanism. It has a special design, which simplifies the return of the body to its original position when performing the exercise. This nuance determines a decrease in the load on the lumbar.

It is acquired by beginners for the following reasons:

  1. It is possible to avoid increased load on the body with poor preparation at the time of the workout.
  2. You can quickly master the technique and learn how to perform it correctly in compliance with the technique.

Suitable only for beginners and those who have problems with the lumbar. The cost of this embodiment is from 500 to 700 rubles.

The number of wheels also affects how the exercise will go..

When considering such a classification, we note:

  1. If the wheel is one, it’s quite difficult to maintain balance at the time of the workout. However, this also involves stabilization muscles.
  2. Two wheels make the structure more stable, and it becomes easier to maintain balance, but at the same time stabilization muscles work less. Therefore, a new version is used by beginners..

The most interesting embodiment can be called a shell with a trimmer.

It represents the following construction:

  1. Double wheel allows you to better balance.
  2. A flexible cable is attached to the axis, which can stretch under effort.
  3. At the time of the workout the opposite end of the cable is attached to the legs.

The design in question is intended for professional users, since a lot of force is created at the time of the cable tension. Exist options that have tension cables for each arm separately. The cost of this video varies from 800 to 1500 rubles.

A set of exercises with a roller for all muscle groups



Can highlight 3 The main types of exercises that are classified by degree of preparation:

  1. For newbies. We kneel down and take the roller in hand. We rest against the floor with a gymnastic roller and begin to move forward until the body becomes almost parallel to the floor. Then we rise back. In this case, the load from the back is crushed due to the fact that the exercise is performed on the knees.
  2. For experienced. Starting position – feet shoulder-width apart, bent in half, touch the floor roller. We begin to carry out the exercise, straightening up until a right angle is formed between the body and legs. Having stopped at the maximum low point, we return to the starting position.
  3. For professionals the previous position is a little complicated by adopting a different starting position. In this case, we lie on the stomach, the socks should rest on the floor, we twist due to the abdominal press and back muscles, and then return to the starting position.

Recommended repetitions: 9 for the first, 6 for the second and 3 for the last exercise. The number of approaches is up to 5. At the same time, at the time of rest, which should last no more than 5 minutes, you should jump on a skipping rope  or do another exercise to keep your body warm.

A large number of repetitions can have a negative effect on the lumbar, less – do not give the desired effect.

When doing all three exercises, there is a load to one degree or another on the following muscle groups:

  1. Internal and external abdominal abs. Exercise allows you to make the press more embossed and the stomach flat. By training the internal muscles, you can achieve a similar result..
  2. Tendons and ligaments become stronger. At the time of the exercise, this will be useful, as the likelihood of injury is reduced.
  3. Well designed lumbar, rectus muscles of the back. Also, the load goes to the latissimus dorsi and deltas.

That is why, the training in question with ordinary sports equipment, at first glance, should be included in the training.

Pros and cons of videos

The advantages include:

  1. Simple and inexpensive design.
  2. You can do workouts at home.
  3. Muscles are being worked out., which are rarely involved in other exercises.
The disadvantages include the fact that people with poor physical fitness often can not conduct training, there is a likelihood of injury if the exercises are performed incorrectly, for example, stretching the lumbar.

Selection tips


The level of preparation and age cannot be called barriers to conducting training with a gymnastic roller. However, the degree of preparation should still be taken into account to select the most suitable option for the performance of the sports equipment in question.

Beginners should pay attention to the version with a return mechanism, professionals – center of gravity or streamer.


A gymnastic roller is designed to improve results on the development of abdominal muscles. That is why, it is worth considering that it is worth performing other exercises to get the best result..

Within a month, people with training can notice an improvement in the relief of the abdominal muscles. The result, as a rule, depends on the level of training, the correctness of the training.

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