Gackenschmidt simulator – it is a weight training machine designed for the isolated development of muscle tissue in the legs and buttocks. The main advantage of power loads on such a sports equipment is the elimination of back breakdown, since the entire load is distributed evenly to the legs and at the same time reduces the possibility of injury to the knee joints.


Thanks to the correct exercise technique and systematic training on the hack machine  to achieve the desired result is possible in the shortest possible time.


The Hack machine is a professional simulator designed for squats, the biomechanics of which are carried out in the smallest components of the muscle mass of the lower extremities.

This sports equipment consists of:

  • grounds;
  • horizontal components of the frame;
  • guides that are located at an angle of 50 degrees;
  • trolleys carrying out movements on double rollers;
  • handles;
  • fixing point of support;
  • short barbell;
  • corner platform.

The main purpose is based on isolated hypertrophy of the calf muscles and thighs, contributing to the creation of their relief. The simulator performs such a basic exercise as hack squats, providing a portion of the load on the front of the thigh.

Since its purpose is based on providing extensor function of the legs in the knees, such power loads allow for hypertrophy of the main muscle fibers of the quadriceps.

Squats in the simulator: types and techniques of execution

Squats in the simulator

There are several variations for doing squats on the Gackenschmidt simulator.

The main ones are:

  • basic exercise Strength Aerobics
  • from high position of the legs;
  • heels together, legs apart;
  • bending the legs on the simulator;
  • back squats.
Regardless of the type of exercise, strict adherence to the correct technique for performing the exercise will not only help protect your back and legs from getting injured, but also allow you to get the desired results as soon as possible.

The technique of performing classic squats:

  • Starting position – lying on the platform, the shoulders rest against the roller. The body is perfectly flat, legs are located on the support platform, at the required width. The knee joints should be slightly bent.
  • Having removed the weight from the stoppers, we transfer it to the shoulders.
  • Taking a breath, we carry out a slow and smooth squat until a right angle is formed on the bend of the knee joint, you can squat even deeper. At the lowest point, we hold our breath for a couple of seconds. The maximum amplitude allows you to work out a larger number of muscles, thereby accelerating the formation of beautiful legs.
  • On exhalation, we make an effort and, due to extension of the knee joint and the work of all muscle bundles of the lower extremities, we raise the weight to the initial position.

Technique for doing back squats:

  • Starting position – face the back of the simulator with your shoulders under the rollers. Legs shoulder width apart, toes slightly apart. The head is exactly along the axis of the spine.
  • Having pulled the stomach in and keeping the back perfectly straight, we slowly move the pelvis back until it forms a parallel with the floor.
  • With a powerful dynamic movement, we rise up to the initial position without bending the knee joints at the top point.

The recommended number of repetitions for building muscle is 5 sets of 15-20 times, and when creating a relief – maximum number of repetitions.

What muscles is designed for

While working on the simulator, the hips are pumped to the maximum. Depending on the position of the legs and an increase in working weight, the load is distributed on various parts of the body, while using a lot of small components of muscle fibers of the lower extremities, back and buttocks.

The main muscle group working with hack squats:

  • rectus femoris muscle;
  • medial wide hips;
  • lateral wide hips.

Auxiliary muscle fibers:

  • intermediate wide hips
  • long adductor;
  • buttock big;
  • middle buttock;
  • extensors of the spine;
  • hip biceps;
  • tailor;
  • semi-tendon;
  • calf muscle;
  • semi-webbed.

The effectiveness of working out more muscle bundles depends on the location of the feet low directly below the trolley itself. With this initial position, the front of the thigh is worked out.

If the distance between the legs is as distant as possible, this will allow you to take heavier weights and pump the gluteal muscles.

The position of the heels, located as close as possible to each other, and the socks are turned outward, while performing exercises will enable the leading muscles.

The alternation of exercises will allow you to pump all muscle groups and get beautiful and toned legs with high-quality relief drawing.


Comparison with barbell squats

Squats are one of the most effective exercises that tone the muscle fibers of the hips and buttocks..

There are several options for performing this exercise. Squats with weighting, barbell and simulators.

But the most effective is the use of the Gekkenschmidt simulator for the correction of the forms of the quadriceps femoris muscle.

Advantages of exercises on the Gackenschmidt simulator in relation to squats with a barbell:

  • The main advantage of squats on the hack machine is that the load on the back and knee joints is minimized, unlike squats with a barbell.
  • Also, due to small differences in the technique of performing the exercises, the number of small muscles of the quadriceps and hip biceps is worked out more in the hack machine. Also, while working on the Gackenschmidt simulator, buttocks, abdominal muscles and some muscle fibers of the back are pumped.
  • Due to the movement of weight along a strictly predetermined trajectory, the squatting technique is simplified, without sacrificing performance.
  • Squats on the Gackenschmidt simulator are less traumatic than squats with a barbell.
  • Ideal basic exercise for beginners in the sports life of a bodybuilder or powerlifting.

Perhaps one minor drawback of squats in a hack machine, unlike simple squats with a barbell, is the exclusion of muscle tissue stabilizing the body. But this drawback is compensated by the advantage that the load on the body is reduced and the exercise becomes safer.

Accordingly, this type of squats to create beautiful and voluminous legs is most relevant for beginners.


Beginner Mistakes

As you know, the correct technique for performing exercises – this is the key to obtaining an effective result in the shortest possible time of the training process. Starting to train, do not chase the number of repetitions or an increase in working weight. The main rule is to learn how to correctly, to perform squats, without making mistakes.

The main mistakes at the initial stage of performing hack squats on the simulator:

  • Do not forget that the period of use of the Gackenschmidt simulator for pumping the muscles of the thigh is not recommended for more than two months.

    quick performance of squats and body raises to the starting position;

  • with a high setting of the legs, the gluteal muscles are often separated from the back of the simulator;
  • sharp movements when performing the exercise, and especially when the body moves down;
  • the use of a large working weight when performing the exercise;
  • neglect and non-use of elastic bandages to fix the knee joints.

Before you begin, how to start exercises on the simulator should consult a doctor and get permission from him to perform such power loads.

The presence of an experienced instructor in the initial stages of the training process will allow you to quickly learn the correct technique for performing exercises and minimize the possibility of injury.


Doing squats on the Gackenschmidt simulator increases their effectiveness by fully concentrating on observing the correct technique for performing the exercise. The simulator is also designed in such a way that, with insignificant loads on the body, it is possible to qualitatively pump a large number of muscle fibers of the legs and buttocks, while catching some muscles of the press and back.

You can increase the simulator's efficiency by observing the basic rules:

  • When building muscle, use the maximum allowable weight, and if necessary, create a relief – minimum.
  • The speed of the simulator is slow and jerky.
  • The body is perfectly flat and with the head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the back of the simulator at all stages of the squat.
  • Bending of the knee joints is carried out only vertically, not spreading to the sides.
  • The location of the foot in the classic execution of squats 20-35 cm in front of the axis of the body and parallel to each other.
  • Carrying out squats, it is not allowed that the knees extend beyond the toes, and the heels are torn off the base of the simulator.
  • No stops during exercise. It is necessary to slowly and smoothly make the full number of repetitions included in one set.

Observing the basic rules, increasing the efficiency of training on the Gackenschmidt simulator is not difficult. An integrated approach to the formation of a sports body that includes the main components of successful training such as proper nutrition, good sleep, vitaminization  organism and systematic training process will speed up the process of creating powerful legs.

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