Many workouts allow complex development of muscles, some of them are based on the use of their own weight. To a similar type of occupation relate exercises on the uneven bars. Over the years, they are the ones that allow you to develop muscle mass, keep fit for many athletes due to the fact that at the same time there is a study of the arms, shoulders, muscles of the back, chest.

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Training Rules

Training can be made more effective by weighting with a special belt..

Bars – an essential element of almost any sports field. This is due to the fact that the bars can be used to perform various exercises. Their number is very large, they vary in complexity and technique, the level of training that is needed.

It is worth considering that the bars can be used not only by men, but also by women. Some types of exercises are ideal for women and can quickly achieve the desired result. Women can do the same workouts as men, with only fewer sets and reps.

First, we highlight the features of the situation in which beginners begin to work on the horizontal bar in question:

  1. Attend training is needed 3-5 times a week.
  2. When doing a workout should try to do it right. The number of times does not make sense if the technique is not followed.
  3. everyday try to do more retries.
For beginners, the main thing The Role of Carbs – learn to follow the technique. Advanced ones can complicate exercises using heavy belts. Increasing the load is carried out gradually.

Exercise complex

The following types of activities:

  1. Push ups when the case is upright with a slight inclination.
  2. Push ups standard type with horizontal housing.
  3. Hips with a vertical housing at a right angle.
  4. Leg raising with a vertical housing at a right angle.
  5. Twisting when fixing the legs.

There are other exercises that will be discussed in more detail in the section on technology. Each type of training can be applied to work out a specific muscle group..

Execution technique

As previously noted, when performing workouts on the uneven bars, particular attention should be paid to compliance with the technique. If the technique is not followed, then the effectiveness of the workout is significantly reduced.

For each type of exercise there are recommendations for the implementation:

  1. Push-ups with vertical housing. We leave to the bars. We make a way out, pushing ourselves off the ground. When you get the exit, the body needs to be tilted forward a little. We bend the arms in the elbow joint to a position where the shoulders will take almost parallel to the floor position.
  2. Leg raising with vertical body positioning. Starting position – vertical exit over the bars. When the tension is exclusively abdominal, we raise the legs to a position in which they will be parallel to the floor.
  3. Simpler option the previous exercise can be called alternately raising legs. The starting position is the same as before. The legs in this case, to the position when they will be parallel to the floor, rise alternately.
  4. The rotation in the corner is as follows: the initial position is taken, for which we exit over the uneven bars, raise our legs so that they are parallel to the floor and begin to turn them to the sides. When doing classes, you need to make sure that the body turns exclusively.
  5. Complicate the process push-ups can be done by raising the legs to a position where a right angle is formed between them and the body.
  6. Diagonal push ups performed as follows: hands are placed on the floor, and legs are fixed on the uneven bars. In an upright position, when the head is below, push-ups are carried out.
  7. Hand walking refers to basic exercises, performed during initial training.
  8. Hand jumping performed to strengthen the ligaments. To do this, you should push from the starting position when exiting over the bars. The jump is performed to a height of up to 20 centimeters.
  9. Horizontal push-ups somewhat reminiscent of ordinary push-ups. In this case, a big load is on the stabilization muscles. To perform the exercise, you should exit to the bars and take a horizontal position, making emphasis on the soles of the feet and hands. In this case, the feet of the legs are bred, since during the approach there is a possibility of slipping the toes of the feet from the pipes.

The bars can be safely attributed to the category of universal sports horizontal bars, since it is possible to work out various muscles on it.

The number of approaches and repetitions

There are certain recommendations on how many approaches and repetitions should be done. At the same time, we note that the number of times is not as important as quality. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is important to correctly perform the selected exercise, and only if you have physical capabilities can you increase the number of approaches and repetitions.

The following recommendations exist:

  1. Rest between repetitions and sets – 60-90 seconds. If you do not follow this rule, the effectiveness of the training is significantly reduced..
  2. Regular push up on the bars should consist of 4 approaches. Number of repetitions – the maximum possible in every approach.
  3. Entrance to the bars beginners should perform 10 times in 5 sets.
  4. Almost all other exercises, which were given above also carry out 4 approaches and in each approach the maximum number of repetitions.
Despite the fact that many recommend a certain number of repetitions in each approach, only the maximum load will give the desired result. That is why it is worth doing the exercise before fatigue.

What muscles are involved in training

Bars allow you to perform exercises that have a complex nature of the impact.

Often they are used to work out the following muscles:

  • nursing;
  • press;
  • muscle stabilization;
  • biceps
  • triceps;
  • shoulders

Most popular exercise – standard push-ups with vertical setting of the body, the biceps, chest, shoulders are being worked out.

Advantages and disadvantages of training

uneven bars men


The process of training on the uneven bars has its advantages and disadvantages.

When considering the disadvantages, the following points can be noted:

  1. Traumatism. When performing classes, you should remember about safety precautions. This is due to the fact that falling from the horizontal bar can lead to serious injury. Complicated exercises should be performed only with insurance.
  2. Complexity of execution. Great success can be achieved only by professionals who correctly perform all movements at the time of training. Beginners will not immediately feel the result.
  3. Most of full bars located on the street.

However, it is possible to highlight the undoubted advantages:

  1. Great efficiency subject to technology.
  2. Comprehensive Impact, since stabilization muscles are involved in almost all exercises.
  3. Availability. Similar horizontal bars  located on almost all sports fields.
  4. Ability to complete classes at any level of training.
Despite the fact that many do not pay much attention to the bars, they become a great addition to every workout..



When drawing up an exercise program, many pay attention to effectiveness. What results and for what period of time can be achieved when doing a workout?

When considering this issue, we note the following nuances:

  1. Do workouts need 3-4 days a week.
  2. Number of approaches should be around 4. Number of repetitions – maximum.
  3. Important to pay attention on the correct execution of each movement. To do this, you should call a friend with you who will observe the equipment or perform training on bars located near the glass.
  4. Result depends not only on the exercises themselves, but also on relaxation, proper nutrition .

After a month of completing the main classes, you can note the presence of changes. It is important to take into account that excess weight can be the reason why changes will not be noticeable. Therefore, it is recommended to take your photo before training and after a certain period.

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