This article is about how you can pump up the press using training on purpose designed for this simulator. is he not only facilitates the process of performing exercises in comparison with ordinary twisting on the floor, but also allows you to conduct classes as efficiently as possible. I would also like to add that exercises on the bench help develop not only the abdominal muscles, but also strengthen the back and buttocks.

What is this simulator

A press bench is often used by both professional athletes and people who monitor the beauty of their own bodies..

Press bench – This is a specially designed simulator for active training of the abdominal and lumbar muscles, which makes it possible to quickly form a beautiful relief of the muscles of the body.

Typically, such a simulator consists of a short or relatively long bench for sitting and grips (rollers) for the legs, which allows you to perform exercises for bending and unbending the body, and also for twisting .

What muscles are involved in training

As already mentioned, a whole group of muscles is involved in the exercises on the press bench. Naturally, with proper execution, the abdominal muscles work most. The muscles of the lumbar part of the back are also involved, which is also very important for the formation of a beautiful figure.

Strong back muscles help maintain the spine, which makes posture correct and beautiful. Strong muscular corset for the spine – guarantee of his health.

Even when doing exercises on the press bench, leg muscles work. A variety of exercises on this simulator helps to use a lot of muscles.

General rules for doing exercises

In order for classes on the bench to be effective and bring such desired results, you need to use this device correctly, namely:

  • during training, the abdominal muscles should be in tension all the time;
  • inhale when bending, and exhale – during extension;
  • the chin should not be pressed to the chest, as the neck – this is a continuation of the line of the spine;
  • Do not rush;
  • to increase the load on the press, it is necessary to constantly increase the angle of the bench, gradually add additional weight in the form of dumbbells, pancakes and so on.


Exercise complex

Below are the most popular and effective types of exercise on the bench for the press. Perform them one at a time several times a day and your figure will transform very quickly!

Of course, you need to start with a little warm-up, which will warm the blood and properly prepare the body for physical activity.

Torso lifts

Abdominal muscles train.

How to perform:

  • take a starting position;
  • first tear off the shoulders from the bench, then the back so that the legs and body are at right angles to each other;
  • lock the position for a few seconds;
  • after a deep breath, slowly return to the starting position.

So repeat at least 20 times in one set.


Exercise the rectus and oblique muscles.

How to perform this exercise:

  • take a starting position;
  • lift your upper body smoothly;
  • let her go back.
Remember: the lower back and pelvis do not take any part in this exercise.!

Twisting twists

How to perform:

  • take a starting position;
  • lift the body and at the same time smoothly turn it in any direction (to the right or left);
  • return to starting position;
  • lift your torso with turning to the same or opposite side and so many times.

Twisting can be done either alternately left and right – just 40 times, or 20 twists to the left and then 20 to the right.


The muscles of the lower abs and legs are trained.

How to perform:

  • lie down on the press bench;
  • grab the palm of your feet;
  • raise straight legs and like riding a bicycle “pedal”.

This exercise is very effective, as many muscles of the lower press and legs are involved. For this reason, for best results, do it as long as you have the strength. It’s definitely not worth feeling sorry for yourself in this case.

Leg lift

Lower abdominal muscles train.

How to perform:

  • lie down with your head up on the bench, firmly press your lower back and pelvis to it;
  • securely fasten your hands over your head;
  • raise your legs until the pelvis begins to come off the bench;
  • lower your legs and repeat again.

There are such options for this exercise:

  • lifting straight legs;
  • lifting legs bent at the knees;
  • leg lift.

Also, for one approach, 20 straight leg lifts and 20 – bent.

Common Beginner Mistakes

Often, beginners, in a hurry to make their abs beautiful, make some mistakes.

The following are the most common ones:

  • jerking, or tearing the pelvis off the bench – it reduces the effectiveness of the exercise;
  • performing bending with a straight back, when all the load is transferred to the back and legs;
  • lateral torso rises, which leads to an increase in the oblique muscles of the abdomen and waist, respectively;
  • Do not pull your head or neck with your hands while performing these exercises..

How to choose the right simulator

The case is of no small importance: it must be made of strong fabric so that it can withstand any load. The quality of the porous material for the legs.

The following brands are represented on the modern market for sports goods, offering inexpensive options for simulators for the press  for comfortable use at home. These are Torneo, Atemi, Stingrey, Body Sculpture and others..

It is necessary to choose a board for the press, taking into account the general physical preparation of the body, the state of health of the back, the frequency and intensity of the proposed workouts. In addition, it is important to ensure that the working surface of the board is covered with natural soft tissues that do not cause allergies..

So, exercises for the press on a special simulator – press bench – a very effective way to pump out the very press cubes that are often talked about. But remember that this method will not help remove fat from the abdomen. For this, in addition to exercises on the bench, you need a special diet, as well as other physical activities, for example, running is very effective in this case .

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