For those who want to maintain themselves in perfect physical shape, but do not have the opportunity to work out in the gym Exercise machines for the home for all muscle groups are ideal. We will talk about what they are and how to choose the right one in the article.


Types of home exercise equipment

According to their functions and methods of providing load, they are divided into two main types – power and cardiovascular equipment.


A cardio trainer is designed to train the heart. Both young and old, these procedures are very important. Why?

  • all kinds of viruses that we can carry in ourselves and not notice, have a negative effect on the heart muscle;
  • the use of tobacco smoke, alcohol and caffeine weaken the heart;
  • the negative emotions we all experience from time to time also wear out the heart.

In addition, cardiovascular equipment removes excess fat from the body. So, there are plenty of reasons to do cardio.

Let's discuss the types of cardiovascular equipment:

  • Treadmill;
  • rowing machine;
  • stepper;
  • exercise bike;
  • elliptical trainer;
  • rider.
If you decide to purchase a treadmill, we recommend that you start with a normal gait on it, then you can proceed to easy running. Over time, you can try all your strength on it.


Pros of the treadmill:

  • helps to lose weight;
  • improves heart and lung function;
  • relieves stress;
  • develops muscles;
  • makes it possible to alternate between running and walking, as well as changing the terrain settings (running on a plane or running uphill);
  • understands and allows himself to be hidden in a closet or under a bed.

No wonder it says: «Motion – a life!» This simulator allows you to run, heal and strengthen the body in any weather. When practicing on a treadmill, try not to hold onto the handrails, but actively work with your hands. When jogging on the track, be careful and be careful not to fall and injure yourself.

Cons of a treadmill:

  • not recommended for persons with chronic whitening of the heart;
  • not suitable for people with severe back and knee problems.


Rowing machine

Advantages of the rowing machine:

  • combines aerobic and power load;
  • makes many muscles work: back, shoulders, legs, buttocks, abs.

Minus rowing machine:

  • not suitable for use by women, as it actively develops shoulders.


The advantages of the stepper:

  • relieves stress from the back;
  • develops femoral and gluteal muscles;

Minus stepper:

  • important terms of use – quickly rearrange legs, which not everyone can do.


Exercise bike

Pluses of the exercise bike:

  • suitable for those who suffer from problem joints or injuries;
  • models with a wide seat allow you to play sports, experiencing comfort and pleasure;
  • develops ankles and leg muscles;
  • some models count time, speed and even pulse.

Cons of the exercise bike:

  • most models are not designed for weight loss;
  • belt and pads need to be changed periodically.


Elliptical trainer

Advantages of the elliptical trainer:

  • ideal for those who want to lose weight;
  • makes the muscles of the whole body work;
  • orbitrek is safe for people of any age, weight and medical data.

Minus the elliptical trainer:

  • it takes time to master this device, because it requires high coordination.


Rider advantages:

  • when the joints are relaxed, the load is applied to all types of muscles;
  • takes no more than 1 square. m.

Minus rider:

  • According to most users, the rider is the most boring trainer.



Strength training helps build muscle. These include weights, dumbbells, barbells  and other devices, as well as installations that allow you to raise your own weight: horizontal bars, bars, rings. The list of weight training equipment includes an athletic bench and a fitness station..

Elements of which the power station consists of:

  • benches,
  • leverage,
  • racks,
  • block traction,
  • handles.

Such installations are usually compact, and can easily fit in a living room.

The advantages of power simulators:

  • the ability to achieve an athletic form;
  • do not require large investments.

Exercise machines for all muscle groups

Home exercise machine – A wonderful tool to help keep the figure attractive and strengthen the health of important organs. When training on sports equipment, you can spend your leisure time with interest and benefit. (Here you can read about street fitness equipment)


As we managed to discuss, simulators for all muscle groups are divided into two types: strength and cardio.


  • Exercises on aerobic or cardio simulators lead to burning extra calories, training the heart and strengthening the body;
  • the meaning of weight training is aimed at strengthening the increase in muscle mass.
There are also specific simulators designed for practicing technical sports techniques: ski simulators, rock climbing simulators and others.

Exercise bikes come in three main types:

  • shoe (equipped with brake pads);
  • belt (belt adjusts the load level);
  • magnetic (work from a network).

In addition to the main groups, they are divided into several more:

  • horizontal (pedals are at the level of the abdomen);
  • spin bike (the steering wheel is fixed at the saddle level, which creates an imitation of a road bike);
  • bicycle ergometer (load on the legs is measured in watts).
  • A treadmill is a moving belt in close contact with the rollers. Going over it with your feet, you set it in motion. Models are mechanical and electrical .

To the most expensive treadmill and exercise bike models  virtual trainer attached – processor to be connected to the TV.


An instructor will appear on the screen, which will suggest how and how much to ride or run:

  • Stepper imitates the movement of stairs, and each «a step» need to push down.
  • Rider allows you to lift your own body weight. But the adaptation is made so that this happens easier than on other simulators.
  • Rowing machine It is a monorail with a seat. Feet rest on special stops and squeeze the weight back. There are belt, magnetic and hydraulic. More convenient models are equipped with time, speed and pulse counters and training programs..
  • Pursuing an elliptical trainer , each leg should stand on its own moving platform. Hands hold leverage. Bringing the car into motion, the user, as it were, describes an oval. The weight of the simulator is usually 80–100 kg.

How to choose a simulator for yourself

Each species has its own characteristics and advantages. But any simulator is created in order to help the user become stronger and healthier, which is undoubtedly very important in the life of each of us.

Before you begin your classes, consider the following important questions:

  • What are the goals associated with the use of simulators, I set myself? Simulators  help to lose weight and develop a specific muscle group.
  • How much time do I plan to devote for training? Be realistic. Do not overdo it, but do not give up in the face of difficulties associated with the time of use of machines.
  • How many people will be engaged? When answering this question, think about what kind of carrying capacity you will purchase.
  • What part of the house will be appropriate for training? Make sure that the simulator that you are going to purchase will suit your size, and will not interfere with daily activities. Ask family members how they look at this issue..
  • Where is the best place to buy sports equipment? Specialized stores can provide the necessary advice and introduce a large selection. Online stores are also useful consultants and means through which you can make a deal..
  • What amount of money do I expect? The price range of the simulators is quite large, so almost everyone will be able to choose for themselves a suitable option that can’t afford.

How to do

Of course, no simulator will bear any fruit if you exercise 5–10 minutes a day. This is a warm-up, but not a load. For the expected result, you need to train at least 40–45 minutes a day, preferably at 2–3 approaches. If there is an opportunity to change exercise machines, do it as often as possible. On each of them, develop a separate muscle group.

The user of the elliptical trainer, whose legs were injured, could work only with minimal load. But in this mode, the simulator often «is ahead» foot work. Finding a way out of the situation, he recommends in this case to purchase weighting materials for legs  and engage in them.


The use of simulators at home  has both disadvantages and advantages that we will consider.


  • time saving, today's pace of life does not always allow you to regularly visit gyms;
  • the possibility of classes at any convenient time.


  • one of the significant shortcomings is the bulkiness of the training facilities, not everyone will agree to allocate part of the living space for a gym;
  • prices, not everyone can save a few thousand and pay for the simulator.
If before you decided to purchase a simulator, you visited a fitness club, seek help from an instructor so as not to make a mistake in choosing.

Gym Comparison

Compared to the gym, all family members can use the simulator at home at any time. But in the gym you can regularly receive help from a coach who has an individual approach to each.

All simulators are divided into three main categories:

  • for commercial use, this includes gyms, fitness clubs and other professional institutions;
  • for non-intensive commercial use, they are installed mainly in gyms of different companies;
  • for home use.

Exercise machines of the first category are the most powerful. For example, a professional treadmill can be operated for a year in a row under the most powerful mode..

Which to choose

When choosing a simulator for home, pay attention to the following:

  • convenience of transportation;
  • compactness;
  • reliability;
  • functionality.

When choosing a simulator, make sure that its technical properties comply with international standards..

1.5 treadmill motor–2.75 horsepower will consume as much electricity as a regular electric kettle. It is up to you whether it is a lot or a little. On the other hand, you will not use the simulator around the clock.

Rating of the most effective simulators for all muscle groups

Judging by the reviews and ratings of various sports sites, the most effective exercise machines are a treadmill and an exercise bike. Although, of course, every type of sports device is beneficial and unquestioningly serves its purposes.

Press benches are very popular.  and rods – simulators designed for the development of the press, chest, shoulder and other muscles.

Do not save on simulators designed to strengthen your health. Cheap models often fail. Endless repairs will deprive you of a lot of money than a high-quality simulator that you buy in a store with a good reputation, and which will not give you unnecessary worries.

Popular manufacturers

  • CYBEX Corporation, founded in the USA in 1973, produces a wide range of compact simulators.
  • The German company Bremshey for several decades has built up a reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and functional sports equipment.
  • The rapidly growing Italian company Diadora produces cardiovascular equipment, sports equipment and shoes.
  • As for the domestic manufacturer, Russian products are not inferior in quality and ease of use to their Western counterparts. Company Larsen – a Russian company whose sports equipment, especially a treadmill, is very popular.

Training on simulators requires effort and determination. Evaluate the benefits of doing this kind of sports recovery and think about how it will affect your future..

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