Stretches & Crunches

Muscle Group:

Abs, Core, Hip Flexors, Neck


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Crunches on the floor is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Research suggests that twisting is one of the best abs exercises.

The key working muscle in the classical variation is the rectus abdominis, the most prominent of all the muscles of the press and responsible for the formation of cubes.

Variations of the exercise (for example, side or reverse twists) allow you to engage the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles, as well as aim to swing the lower part of the press. In addition, twisting can be performed using additional weights or even on blocks — this significantly increases the load and has a positive effect on muscle growth and strengthening of the body.

Detailed Workout Plan

This variation of the exercise involves lifting the legs rather than the torso — this increases the load on the lower part of the press. The lower back is always pressed to the floor.
It is a Complicated variation of reverse twisting. Due to the muscles of the press, you need to lift your legs up, slightly lifting the lower back from the bench.
Variation of reverse twists for beginners. Allows you to learn how to involve the muscles of the abs in the work.
It is an Advanced variation of twists. Strengthens the rectus abdominis and develops the internal muscles of the body.

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