Dumbell Workout
Dumbell Workout

Muscle Group:

biceps, chest, back, legs




Dumbbells are a universal tool for bodybuilding. In fact, with the help of dumbbells, you have the opportunity to pump up your muscles at home, but the range of working weight should be appropriate.

Recently, there is a misconception that training with dumbbells is not useful. Following this, many argue that it is impossible to pump up the muscles with dumbbells, since some exercises require a barbell. In fact, it is exactly the opposite: it is dumbbells that allow you to work in full amplitude, and there are no exercises in the world that can not be replaced by dumbbells.

Detailed Workout Plan

This is a powerful dumbbell exercise for developing your chest, triceps, and deltoid muscles.
Exercise dumbbell pull in the tilt is used not only for the development of the widest back muscles, but also for the trapezius muscles, posterior bundles of deltoid muscles and strengthening the lower back. Also, when pulling, the biceps and forearm muscles develop significantly, and the grip increases.
Standing dumbbell press is designed for the development of the deltoid muscles (front and side bundles), triceps, and clavicle parts of the pectoral muscles.
This exercise is also called high traction. It is aimed at the development of the lateral parts of the deltoid muscles and trapezius muscles. The exercise can be performed not only with dumbbells, but also with a barbell.

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