Workout on Bosu Ball
Workout on Bosu Ball

Muscle Group:

Abs, Arms, Chest, Buttocks, Legs



Bosu ball

The Bosu hemisphere is a plastic platform (more than 60 cm in diameter) with a small rubber dome that is approximately 30 cm high. It looks like a half of a fit ball. The advantages of training on the Bosu hemisphere include:

Helps you lose weight; Improves posture; Increases body flexibility; Develops a sense of balance; Engages the entire muscle group, which is very important for the construction of the body; Cheer up; Improves well-being, helps with stress, depression and insomnia; Convenient for home use; Provides the ability to perform various exercises, so that Bosu training will never be boring!

Detailed Workout Plan

Lie on the simulator sideways (the waist area should be in the center of the sphere), put your hands behind your head, elbows to the sides, then start bending towards the legs. The main thing-a sense of tension in the right place and do not take your hands off your head. The minimum number of 35 times on each side is 2-3 approaches.
Lie on the floor (a push-up position) with your feet on your toes and your hands resting on the machine. Then begin to bend the left and right arm alternately at the elbows, after performing these actions, return to the starting position, repeat the same at least 20 times.
Turn the platform flat, stand on it, perform squats at least 3 sets of 30 times. Squats on Bosu are more difficult to perform, but this is a big plus, as efficiency increases and the sense of balance improves.
Use the hemisphere as a step platform, it will help to pump up the muscles of the legs and buttocks. It will be a big plus if this exercise is performed with dumbbells or weights for the legs.

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