Those who have been practicing CrossFit for a long time probably know (and may have met) two cartoon clowns: the first pukie the clown is vomiting on the floor, and the second "Uncle Rhabdo" is a clown connected to a dialysis machine.

So why are they the favorite characters of the CrossFit community, in particular pukie the clown? If it is not their pleasant character or the humor that they portray, then they carry some kind of meaningful message.

Many believe that pukie the clown crossfit is an indicator of the intensity of work, that the athlete has gone beyond his limitations.

That I can still understand that Pookie is an acknowledgment of hard work. But there is a difference between this very recognition and ostentatiousness, when someone begins to boast that he has brought himself to "this" state, or publishes on a social network, noting the first vomiting caused by a complex (WOD). Anyone can come up with a workout that can destroy you. It's easy. It's harder to train in such a way that you constantly develop without harming your health, staying happy and having fun.

If we draw an analogy with motorsport, then in order to take prizes at the end of the season, you need to set limits for yourself, but at the same time do not lag behind. If you go too far beyond the limits (meeting with a clown), then this can lead to the fact that you will be out of the race and not get a point for it - this is at best. At worst, your recklessness can lead to an accident or injury (Uncle Rhabdo) and then consider the season completely lost. I hope the analogy is clear.

pukie the clown crossfit

Let's go back to CrossFit. CrossFit Games is the pinnacle of fitness. Why don't we see some of the best athletes in the world vomiting after assignments? After all, this is CrossFit at the highest level and these athletes undoubtedly give all their strength to win. If they were to display their stomach contents all over the arena, do you think it would be broadcasted on television? Surely, but then Pookie would be a part of CrossFit to brag about.

For the owners of CrossFit gyms, the most important rule is “don't kill anyone”. Be responsible for your athletes and help them stay injury-free and develop gradually

And for athletes, think about what you are doing as you approach the “limit”. This applies not only to "limit", but also to unsuccessful repetitions with a lot of weight. Ignore the voices of Pookie and Uncle Rhabdo telling you to continue. Listen to the voice of yourself, which reminds you that crossing the border today will have a detrimental effect on what you do tomorrow.

What is the connection between CrossFit and Pukie the clown crossfit?

With the advent of crossfit, myths associated with it, and haters of a newfangled and promising fitness area appeared.

The time has come to deconstruct in detail the most popular myths that have firmly stuck in the heads of those who did not want to understand the topic, well, or those who were just waiting for a post from us. In short, longread

1. Crossfit is a very traumatic sport.

pukie the clown shirt crossfitThe most popular myth. Less self-activity and more attention to the coach will help you stay whole and happy. Here is the companion myth that CrossFit is not for beginners. Nonsense, because any CrossFit exercise can be adapted for beginners.

2. CrossFit is a system “take more, throw further, while flying - rest”.

Nope. It is not necessary to take huge weights and suffer with weights of 32 kg bodybuilding equipment. A knowledgeable coach will always select the necessary system just for you from a huge list of complexes, from weightlifting to gymnastics.

3. In CrossFit, you need to take huge weights and kill your body from the first workout. ⠀

A true coach will select a program for you and provide scaling (changing the parameters of the exercise). For those who have just come to CrossFit there are “lead” exercises. Or your mentor will divide one difficult exercise into segments, teach you how to correctly perform each of them. ⠀⠀

4. CrossFit has a lot of weightlifting exercises.

⠀Yes, it is, but with one caveat. In CrossFit, a weightlifting base of exercises is taken and adapted to tempo work in a multi-repetition mode.

An important detail: Statistics show that some of the best CrossFit athletes are weightlifters. Just because they have a basic technique.

5. CrossFit is not for girls. Many exercises can injure the chest. ⠀

And again, no. If done correctly, this will not happen. In addition, many people think "if a girl is doing CrossFit, she becomes like a man." No no and one more time no. With the right exercises, the body is tightened and toned, and does not make a man out of you.

6. CrossFit is expensive.

You don't even have to argue here. The cost of training and subscriptions to crossfit clubs is varied.

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